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All Pakistan Furniture Makers Association (APFMA) is the registered organization under the Directorate General of Trade Organization. Its legal entity is registered with Security and exchange commission of Pakistan

All Pakistan Furniture Makers Association is the representing association of furniture manufacturers in Pakistan. We are not only the member of Federation of Pakistan Chamber of Commerce and industry, but also the member of Council of Asia Furniture Association& member of the World Furniture Confederation. We continuously help our members to grow by providing them with the best knowledge of new technology and markets. We are also member of the “Design Innovative Base of China National Furniture Association” which is a training institute established by CNFA to help its counterparts to grow along them. We have also worked with GIZ and TVET to establish the National curriculum for “Furniture Technician”.



APFMA membership is open to anyone who is passionate about furniture design and wants to be a part of a thriving community of craftsmen and enthusiasts.

Chairman's Message

I am extremely thankful to Allah Almighty who has chosen me to serve His creatures many times and I am also thankful to all my friends who have shown their trust in me. May Allah grant me the ability to live up to the trust of all these friends. Amen

Whoever understood his stubbornness became successful. Here Allah Almighty has made SOP procedures for everything. By understanding and adhering to them, a person can set goals for development.

Our focus on innovation and excellence has helped us become a leading voice in the furniture industry in Pakistan. Join us today and become a part of this thriving community!

Office Bearers

Hamad Aslam

Hamad Aslam


rana bilal

Rana Muhammad Bilal

Senior Vice Chairman

vice chairman

Fazal ur rehman khalil

Vice Chairman

talha hussain

Talha hussain

General Secretary

Executive Committee List

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